Thibault fregoni from the Cocoa Provider visit a farmers group in Madang PNG

About Us

The cocoa Provider is a cacao wholesaler, provider of quality cacao from renown plantations to the Australian chocolate makers.

My name is Thibault Fregoni and I have been working in the chocolate industry for the last 20 years covering a lot of fields of the trade from plantation to plate.

These “Plantation to plate” experiences have given me a good insight on how difficult producing quality chocolate is. It obviously all starts with good quality cacao produced by dedicated and knowledgeable farmers!

Farmers are the heart of our industry and the Bean to Bar movement has an important role to play in showcasing their work and dedication.
There are amazing stories in every chocolate bar! I hope that The Cocoa Provider will play an important role in helping you tell these stories to your customers. Subscribe to my Newsletters and receive regular updates on the cacao I offer and lots of insight on whom grow these fantastic cacaos. Making chocolate is also an inspiring way of travelling and meeting passionate people.

Whether you have technical questions, request some specific products, get in touch and we will do our best to find a solution to your needs.

The Cocoa Provider‘s aim is to play an integral part in helping the local chocolate bean to bar industry to flourish by offering a flexible supply of quality cacao in stock in our Melbourne warehouse. We offer off the shelf purchase, perfect for small or new manufacturers. It is always good to have flexibility in your cacao selection and volumes without tying up the ever-important cash flow. I am looking forward to being part of the local artisan chocolate scene. Collaborating with established makers and, above all, guiding passionate starters in their chocolate adventures is why I started The Cocoa Provider.

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist, wanting to start a business or an established chocolate maker, The Cocoa Provider can help with your cacao supplies.