Women from the Kuapa Kokoo cacao cooperative stand in front of drying cacao

Quality cacao wholesaler for the Australian bean to bar chocolate artisans

I am excited about starting TCP and being able to offer a wide range of quality cacao sourced in a responsible manner. The Bean to Bar movement has gone a long way in the last 12 years, internationally and locally!! Over 35 Australian chocolate manufacturers producing some exceptional chocolates! There are many steps involved in making good chocolate and it obviously must start with a good quality cacao and sourcing quality cacao still remains a main hurdle especially at a time when logistics are so problematic.

The Cocoa Provider‘s aim is to play an integral part in helping the local chocolate bean to bar industry to flourish by offering a flexible supply of quality cacao in stock in our Melbourne storage. We offer off the shelf purchase, perfect for small or new manufacturers. It is always good to have flexibility in your cocoa selection and volumes without tying up the ever-important cash flow. I am looking forward to being part of the local artisan chocolate scene. Collaborating with established makers and, above all, guiding passionate starters in their chocolate adventures is why I started The cocoa Provider.

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist, wanting to start a business or an established chocolate maker, The Cocoa Provider can help with your cocoa supplies.


Finally, a place to buy cocoa beans in Australia!

We strive to offer a selection of high-quality cocoa for Australian chocolate manufacturers.

By consolidating orders, I am able to offer a wide range of origins at a competitive price. I aimed for this first selection to cover a large array of flavour profile including some renown plantations but also some great “base cocoa” perfect to develop quality blends. I think that blending cocoa of different types/origins, to obtain a specific flavour profile, is largely overlooked. It is, in fact, a fantastic way to be creative. Think Ghana or Sur Del Lago as a base, then, add a cocoa with more “personality” to spike up your blend….

Farmers are the heart and Soul of the Bean to Bar movement.

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