Cocoa butter Deodorized or Non-deodorized… To be or not to be?

PNG-Kamuri-cocoa-butter-The cocoa Provider

Recently added to our offer list

is a beautiful NON-deodorised cocoa butter made from

Kamuri Estate in PNG.


I often get asked why using non-deodorised butter instead of deodorised… My humble opinion is that cocoa butter has a natural “chocolate” flavour and you may as well use it !

Importantly, pure expressed cocoa butter like ours contains natural antioxidants and these are destroyed or reduced in the deodorising process.
The deodorising process is done by means of superheated dry steam under vacuum and also done with the use of solvents during the butter extraction, all these processes being very intensive.
Cocoa butter extracted by solvents is always refined and deodorised and results in a blend fat.
Deodorised cocoa butter has its place in some chocolate use if you need a bland addition and is in high demand in other industries using butter like in cosmetic products… As a result, cocoa butter is the most expensive ingredient derived from cocoa beans.
So… it depends on what your aim is and the products you are developing.

PNG-Kamuri-cocoa-butter-The cocoa Provider



is very fragrant and will impart a very nice chocolate flavour to your product.
The fact is that it would be very hard to get deodorised cocoa butter from a specific origin as deodorising cocoa butter requires some very expensive specialised equipment few manufacturers can afford…


we offer our butter in chunks packaged in 15kg cartons —- SO much nicer on your Oompa Loompas back!!

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